binary was not built with debug information

今天在 vista 上调试一个程序,引用了另一个工程生成的 dll ,结果在 Debug 时出现这样的错误信息,“ b inary was not built with debug information. ”,一时搞不懂是啥问题,而再 xp 上没有出错。
Google 了一下发现一个帖子专门讲述这个问题的,转帖在这里了。
Its not an installation issue, the problem is, as the error message suggests, that you have not built your project with debug information.

To do this:
1) Goto Project->Properties
2) Make sure "Configuration" at the top is "Debug"
3) On the left, select "C/C++", then "General"
4) On the right, change "Debug information format" to "Program Database for edit and continue (/ZI)"
5) On the left, Select "Optimization"
6) On the right, Change "Optimization" to "Disabled (/Od)"
7) On the left, select "Code Generation"
8) On the right, change "Runtime library" to "Multi-Threaded Debug (/MTd)"
9) On the left, expand "Linker" and select "Debugging"
10) On the right, change "Generate Debug info" to "Yes (/DEBUG)"
11) Rebuild your project.
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